Support the Ukrainian farmer, support global food security

It is a charitable resource launched by the Family Dairy Farms project, which aim is to attract funds for specific farming families for specific needs.

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Agriculture of Ukraine

Ukraine's contribution to the world food market in 2021 is equivalent to feeding about 400 million people.

According to the current estimates of the experts of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), already in the short term due to the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, world food prices will soar by 22 percent!

Most agricultural products in Ukraine are produced by small farming households

70% horticultural products
67% dairy products
40% production of fine grains
90% potato

Agrarian Ukraine begins with family farms.


Family farms are not only a means of producing high-quality and healthy products but also an opportunity to revive the villages of Ukraine, to give young people the opportunity to stay at home and run their own businesses. Family farms are a new way of living and thinking.


For even better results, some of them do not need much at all: a tractor, a fodder mixer, etc.


For one family, these are hard-to-afford things, and if at least a few hundred people from all over the world donate $5-50, any need can be covered. Together, we can help these farms develop further so that Ukraine and the whole world have high-quality dairy products and are food secure.

This site provides a unique opportunity to help a specific Ukrainian farming family raise funds to purchase the things they desperately need today in order to produce even more farm products tomorrow.

Even small funds of $5-50 from many people will be a significant help to one farming family

Choose a farm and find out what it needs right now.

Fundraising is limited in time.

until 01.12.2022

Green Valley

Khmelnitsky region, village Chimbarivka

In the Lysenko family, owners of the FDF ‘Green Valley’ from the village of Chimbarivka, Khmelnytskyi region, disappointing news – the owner was diagnosed with oncology. The diagnosis is a malignant neoplasm of the upper outer quadrant of the right mammary gland. In simple words – breast cancer.



Collected Necessary
1 055 $ 9 600 $
Read and support
until 15.03.2023


Vinnitsa region, Sokirintsi village

The purchase of a baler (bale press) will help Mykola Polarush to automate the harvesting of fodder. And this is an increase in milk yields and an opportunity for development for the farm.


baling press

Collected Necessary
67 $ 6 999 $
Read and support
until 01.04.2023

Milk Cloud

Volyn Region, village Kutryiv

Purchase own agricultural equipment: a motor tractor with a power of 15-20 hp. and attached and trailed equipment to it. The purchase of this equipment will allow the owner to optimize and improve production processes and significantly save on equipment rental.


purchase of tractor

Collected Necessary
90 $ 2 200 $
Read and support
until 05.05.2023


Rivne region, village Stara Moshchanytsya

Natalya and Vasyl Nikonchuk need to help themselves, because the available livestock, which is 14 cows and 9 young animals, does not fit on their farm, they place the cows wherever they have them, even in a piggery. It is necessary to expand – to build a larger cowshed. They sowed a lot of grass […]


сomplete the construction of a 40-cows farm

Collected Necessary
0 $ 44 000 $
Read and support

Support all farmers at the same time by purchasing a virtual glass of milk for only $10.

The proceeds will be transferred to the fund of the project "Family Dairy Farms" for the development of family farming in Ukraine.

A glass of milk

Thanks from the farmers

Dementjev Oleksandr (Sumy region)

"We would like to thank all the nonprofits who donated 23,000 UAH to our family for providing additional food and branches for our cows. "


Dobrolezha Oksana (Mykolaiv region)

"I am grateful to the Family Dairy Farms project for this resource of real help to farmers and all those who supported us. We received 11 000 UAH. Thanks to this money we were able to buy fodder for the fodder and planting material."


Mykytiuk family (Mykolaiv region)

"We, Pavlo and Irina Mikityuki and our children, are very grateful for the support. The 42,000 UAH received allowed us to buy fodder for the hut and support the farm in the conditions of the occupation."


Questions and answers


How to make sure that the collected funds will be used according to the intended purpose?

Below each farm family card, there is a scale that allows you to track fundraising progress. Upon receipt of the required amount, the product will be purchased, and we will post a photo or video report on this site. In addition, anyone willing can visit any farm to personally make sure that the funds have been used as intended.

How does a farmer earn?

Dairies are ready to pay, firstly, for the quality of milk, and secondly, for its quantity in one place. Therefore, the farmer has to keep at least 10 cows so that the milk trucks can reach him. In addition, the farmer must keep cows according to modern technologies that ensure the quality of milk is not lower than the 1st grade. Modern milking systems, lighting, ventilation, balanced feed - all this must be provided by the farmer in order to get milk that is ready to buy dairies.

What will happen if the family does not have time to collect the required amount by the specified date?

In this case, depending on the specific situation, we can go one of several ways:

  • purchase other urgently needed goods for the needs of this farm, the cost of which is within the collected amount;
  • if the amount to complete the collection is very small, for example, 1,000 hryvnias, the project will help cover the shortage with its own resources (from the funds of the families themselves, a loan, or with the assistance of the project);
  • collected funds for those farms that did not have time to collect the required amount will be redirected to the SMF, which has the least amount until the collection is completed.

In any case, we will provide a photo/video report indicating the amount collected for each family, the value of what was purchased, and the sources of additional financing.

Who will choose and where will they buy what they need?

Consultation and selection of equipment are carried out by relevant specialists of the "Family Dairy Farms" project, which is the initiator of the creation of this resource. Veterinarians, zootechnicians, and agricultural engineers search for the most appropriate equipment, machinery, cows, etc., which are suitable for the characteristics and price category. The product will be purchased from the most accessible point/dealer/distributor taking into account price, quality, and logistics.

Where can I see more detailed information about the project and farmers?

More detailed information about the project and farms can be found on our website