Green Valley

In the Lysenko family, owners of the FDF ‘Green Valley’ from the village of Chimbarivka, Khmelnytskyi region, disappointing news – the owner was diagnosed with oncology. The diagnosis is a malignant neoplasm of the upper outer quadrant of the right mammary gland. In simple words – breast cancer.


The purchase of a baler (bale press) will help Mykola Polarush to automate the harvesting of fodder. And this is an increase in milk yields and an opportunity for development for the farm.

Milk Cloud

Purchase own agricultural equipment: a motor tractor with a power of 15-20 hp. and attached and trailed equipment to it. The purchase of this equipment will allow the owner to optimize and improve production processes and significantly save on equipment rental.


Natalya and Vasyl Nikonchuk need to help themselves, because the available livestock, which is 14 cows and 9 young animals, does not fit on their farm, they place the cows wherever they have them, even in a piggery. It is necessary to expand – to build a larger cowshed. They sowed a lot of grass and grain, so they plan to increase the herd and buy 15 more cows this year.